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Sur means sound, tarang means wave.

The band is inspired by oriental music, mostly of Indian origin. They use original oriental instruments such as sitar, tabla, saz and darbuka, laced with modern electronic sounds, in which edm, trance and dub can be heard. The music is complemented by mystical chanting, so the mantras take you on a journey that is not only sonic but also emotional and spiritual. 

The band's debut album, "Duniya," came out in February 2021 and a video for the title track was released in April. The first album was well received - the band played concerts promoting it at many festivals and clubs across Poland.

Since the beginning of 2022 the band has been working hard on their new material, which premiered along with a special concert at Poznań's Próżność music club. The event can be boldly called a musical performance and a colorful story which was enriched by invited guests. The band embarked on a "Yatra tour" through Polish clubs with the new material. 

The second album "Yatra" meaning "Journey" is a cohesive work - the character of the songs included on the album is combined with unique costumes and amazing characterizations. The nature of the twelve tracks included on the album, as well as the remix, is combined with unique cover art. Diverse sounds and the presence of a variety of musical genres accompanied by traditional mantras makes "Yatra" a multidimensional journey into oneself.

The band has performed at festivals such as Las Festival, Summer Contrast, Ostróda Reggae Festival, Egodrop Festival, Wibracje 5.0, Stacja Wolimierz, Ostoya Festival, Uroczysko..., and in countless clubs across Poland.

Band members:


Hanka Łubieńska – vocal, electronics


Eryk Nowacki – sitar, saz


Łukasz Jasiak – tabla, darbuka, sampler, electronics, production